The Self-Sufficient Backyard for The Independent Homesteader

With this book, you’ll probably never have to rely on anybody else in times of crisis. You’ll become truly independent from the government, grocery chains, pharmacies, water and energy companies, and even the entire grid as you’ll produce everything you need on your own land.

Self Sufficient Backyard Physical
Self Sufficient Backyard

About Ron and Johanna The Author Of The Book

We are two of the "back to the land people" from the late 1970’s. We have been living off the grid for the last 40 years and we've enjoyed every bit of it.

Ron And Johanna

In all that time an electric wire has never been connected to our house. We haven’t gotten or paid an electricity bill in over 40 years, but we have all the electricity we want. We grow everything we need, here, in our small backyard. We also have a small medicinal garden which has helped us get through some tough times. Just like our grandparents, we preserve everything we produce so we have all we need year-round.

But the most important thing is the feeling of not having to rely on anyone else for anything. It’s the feeling of being independent. Independent from the government's help or charity, grocery chains, utility and energy companies, corporations and the Grid.

Now that we are both in our 60’s, we decided to downsize everything. We took all that we’ve learned during the last couple of decades and created our paradise retreat with one thing in mind: to make a self-sustaining, but low maintenance homestead that doesn’t need much work or expense.

Take Advantage of Our 40 Years Experience Living Off The Grid and Turn Your Home Into a Self-Sufficient Homestead

We are excited to share a detailed account of the numerous projects we have undertaken in our small paradise. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive insights into these projects so that you can replicate them on your own property or within your home, benefiting from them for a lifetime.

Throughout our content, we will delve deep into various subjects, including water management, food preservation, off-grid power solutions, medicinal gardens, and much more. Our goal is to equip you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, valuable tips, and time-saving strategies. Within the pages of "The Self-Sufficient Backyard," you'll discover a wide range of projects, and we are confident that you will find ones suitable for your specific property.

We have meticulously crafted what could arguably be the most exhaustive, step-by-step system to empower even the most ordinary homeowner or apartment dweller to evolve into an independent and self-sufficient homesteader.

Please note that all our content is provided in the English language for your convenience.

Here's Just a Glimpse of What You'll Find in

The Self-Sufficient Backyard

Self sufficient backyard book overview

First thing you’ll find out is that all you need to be self sufficient in terms of food are just 1,020 square feet of land per person, if you follow the methods we developed. That’s less than 10% of our entire ¼ acre parcel you can see in our sketch.

We developed this plan on quarter of an acre for a family of 4 to be totally self-sufficient, and have goods to sell and sustain a healthy profit year round. But we created it in such a way that it is easy to downsize if you have less land or fewer family members.

Then we go into minute details for each section.

How to make a cheap water collection system

self sufficient backyard ideas

I will also guide you through the creation of a straightforward water collection system, demonstrating how effortlessly you can set it up on your homestead.

By utilizing these cost-effective tanks, we've eliminated the need to pay for irrigation water, as we efficiently collect and store every gallon required for our needs. Moreover, we have the capability to filter and make this collected water suitable for drinking.

Please note that all instructions and information are presented in the English language for your convenience.

The 7 herbs you need in your Medicinal Garden

self-sufficient backyard book

In addition, you'll uncover the essential seven plants that are a must-have in any medicinal garden. We won't just guide you on their care but also reveal how to transform them into potent tinctures and other remedies.

Over the past four decades, we have relied on these herbs extensively. Imagine the satisfaction of not having to purchase natural remedies or supplements when you can simply harvest them from your backyard.

It's worth noting that we're not referring to mere folk remedies. These are real plants that we have identified as highly effective through our extensive experience, and they aren't just something you stumble upon casually on the internet.

Rest assured, all the information and guidance provided is in the English language for your ease of understanding.

How to Set Up Your Backyard Hybrid Electricity System at a Low Cost and Produce Your Own Electricity

self-sufficient backyard pdf

You will also gain comprehensive insights into setting up one of the most dependable and cost-effective hybrid electricity systems for your home. We will provide detailed guidance on selecting the right batteries for storage, the appropriate controller, cables, inverter, and every other component you need. Moreover, we'll show you how to configure these elements for maximum efficiency.

For the past four decades, none of the homes we've lived in have ever been connected to the power grid via a wire. By adopting this affordable hybrid system, which we have meticulously developed and refined over the years, you'll enjoy an ultra-reliable power source. Say goodbye to concerns about future price hikes, outages due to downed wires, or deliberate attacks on the grid. Alternatively, you can choose to sell any excess power back to the utility company if you decide to remain connected to the grid, effectively turning the tables and earning money from them instead.

Please note that all instructions and information are provided in the English language for your convenience.

How to easily make your own root cellar

self-sufficient backyard - by ron and johanna

We will guide you through the process of creating various types of root cellars and how you can seamlessly incorporate the one that suits your homestead.

Whether you're interested in full-sized root cellars, those situated beneath your house, or more compact options like barrel or trash can root cellars, you'll discover a suitable choice to fit your needs.

Please be aware that all instructions and information are provided in the English language for your convenience.

24-hour BIO insect control system. No pesticides in your backyard.

the self sufficient backyard

You will also learn how to create a highly effective automated 24-hour bio insect control system. Instead of resorting to pesticides, you can cultivate your produce organically by constructing a modest swallow or bluebird house alongside a bat shelter.

These winged allies will take turns in efficiently eliminating pests on your behalf. To put it into perspective, a single bat can consume a remarkable 4,000 insects in a single night, while a bluebird can devour around 1,000 bugs a day, including troublesome pests like cabbage worms, whiteflies, aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, various beetles, and grubs. Additionally, their penchant for mosquitoes significantly enhances the comfort of your backyard environment.

It's important to note that all instructions and information provided are in the English language for your ease of understanding.

How to get your own Independent Source of Water

the self-sufficient backyard

In the Self-Sufficient Backyard, we cover homestead water supply in depth because the life blood of any homestead is a reliable water source.We’ve tried a lot of things over the years: we dug wells, had a well drilled, pumped water from a lake and set up shallow and deep well hand pumps for water.

What is Self-Sufficient Backyard?

"The Self-Sufficient Backyard" is a straightforward yet highly effective guide tailored for self-reliant homesteaders.

Whether you're interested in going off the grid, saving money, or even generating income from your property, this guide is an invaluable resource. It serves as a comprehensive manual, offering insights and techniques to empower individuals to lead more self-sufficient lives.

Authored by a team of seasoned professionals, this book is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to take control of their life, improve their health, and provide better care for their families.

Drawing from over 40 years of off-the-grid experience, Ron and Johanna have compiled a wealth of methods that simplify the process of building your homestead, managing utilities, and cultivating your garden.

Please note that all content and information are presented in the English language for your convenience.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard – The Way It Works For You:

"The Self-Sufficient Backyard" serves as an exceptional, step-by-step guide that offers invaluable advice and ingenious time-saving techniques.

This program stands as the most comprehensive, step-by-step strategy to transform an ordinary homeowner or apartment dweller into a self-sufficient and independent homesteader. With a well-thought-out quarter-acre design, a family of four can achieve complete autonomy, have surplus products to sell, and generate a consistent profit throughout the year.

Moreover, the program is thoughtfully designed to be easily adaptable, allowing for downsizing if you have less acreage or fewer family members.

In addition to this, "The Self-Sufficient Backyard" offers in-depth discussions on essential topics such as water management, food preservation, off-grid power solutions, and the establishment of medicinal gardens. The application is rich with remarkable insights, practical advice, and how-to examples, all presented in a user-friendly, step-by-step format. You'll also find a variety of projects perfectly suited for your property within the program's contents.

This guide remains the most thorough, step-by-step approach for transitioning from a typical homeowner or apartment dweller to a self-sufficient homesteader. It will demonstrate how to construct the simplest water collection system and seamlessly integrate it into your property.

Originally designed for a quarter-acre setup, this system enables a family of four to achieve complete self-sufficiency, produce surplus goods for sale, and maintain a profitable venture throughout the year. And, as mentioned earlier, it is easily adjustable to accommodate smaller acreage or family sizes.

Please note that all content and information are provided in the English language for your convenience.

This was just a glimpse of what you’ll find in The Self-Sufficient Backyard: for the Independent Homesteader.

Self-sufficient Backyard

With this knowledge, you can transform from an honest homeowner into an independent, self-sufficient person that has an extra income and doesn’t owe anybody a thing.

You will not be troubled with what happens to the world around you, because everything you need is where is should be: on your property!

Self-Sufficient Backyard Benefits:

  • Self-Sufficient Backyard is easy to read, understand and apply.

  • This program includes the steps for improving the quality of your life.

  • Self-Sufficient Backyard is easy to follow by anyone.

  • It has reliable tips on organic farming.

  • Self-Sufficient Backyard doesn’t require any special skills.

  • Self-Sufficient Backyard includes strategies to utilize your quarter acre of land.

  • It makes you forget about high electricity bills.

  • Self-Sufficient Backyard makes you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • It helps you harvest more from your small backyard.

  • Self-Sufficient Backyard has no special skills or knowledge required.

  • This program includes a reliable and cost-effective electricity system.

+ 3 Bonuses Included for FREE and + 24/7 Support

The Aquaponic Gardener

In it you’ll discover how to set up an aquaponic system that you can fit in your backyard, in your basement or in your Greenhouse.

The awesome thing about an aquaponic garden is that every part of the system produces food for another.

The water you use for plants absorbs nutrients from the soil and feeds the fish.

The fish droppings then feed good bacteria, which turn ammonia into nitrates that the plants need to grow. The growth rates are astonishing. And you can always have both juicy vegetables and fresh fish a plenty.

The aquatic garden

Digital Product - the images are for visualization purpose only

DIY Projects from the 1900s

Our forefathers were a lot more self-sufficient than the average American today.

They made charcoal to purify water, smokehouses, root cellars, traps for wild game, plant remedies, fireboxes, small barns, tanneries, solar water heaters, wood stoves, fireplaces… you name it.

These projects were the lifeblood of their homesteads and kept their inhabitants free.

We've utilized many of the old-time skills and techniques from yesteryear. Over time, we’ve incorporated some of the newer methods for doing things. But make no mistake, even though we’ve picked and chosen some of the modern ways of doing tasks, we still retain the practical knowledge of the old ways.

Who knows when they might come in handy?

Diy prooject

Digital Product - the images are for visualization purpose only

Where FREE Land can Still be found in the US

Once upon a time in America every brave man and woman settling the wild frontier was given the deed to a 160-acre piece of land.

The only string attached to this gift was they had to live there and develop that land into a homestead.

Not having property might be why you’ve not yet started your own off-grid homestead. But nowadays, you can still get free land upon which to build.

That’s why in this unique book I will show you exactly where you can find your own free land in 21st century America. These plots are between 1 to 5 acres but with the Self-Sufficient Backyard that’s more than enough.

Where free land can still be found in the

Digital Product - the images are for visualization purpose only

So, if you choose to become independent and get the Self-Sufficient Backyard right now, you’ll also get these three exclusive bonuses that would normally cost $27 each, free of charge.

Take advantage of three extra digital bonuses if you order today ( for FREE )

Self sufficient backyard combo
The Self Sufficient Backyard book
Self sufficient Backyard buy

This could be the ticket to your retirement paradise, a new adventure, a more frugal lifestyle, to ditch the 9 to 5 rat race, the healthy and peaceful life you always dreamed of, or your very independence.For us it’s all of the above. But for you, even if it’s just one of them, we hope it’s still worth a lot more than we’ve priced it.

For us it’s all of the above. But for you, even if it’s just one of them, we hope it’s still worth a lot more than we’ve priced it.

No back breaking work involved.

As you can see, we're in our 60's and just 3 years ago we started our third homestead. So, we really mean it when we say that what we’re going to show you will not need hard work. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a senior or have back problems. We will compensate the work with the wisdom we’ve gathered during these 40 years.

Takes little time

You don’t need to dedicate too much of your time either. This will NOT be your new job. In fact, this will be a perfect break from your job and the daily stress that builds up. It’s extremely satisfying and calming to pursue self-reliance.

However, you should not make an all or nothing clean break from your conventional life.

Becoming a bit more self-sufficient should be done in stages. It doesn’t matter if you dedicate one hour a week or one hour a day, the final result is the same. Just by getting our program you’ve taken the first big steps towards self-reliance!

You don’t need too much land either

You don’t need too much land either. Our program makes a small backyard go a loooong way. People living in suburbia should know that we made this program thinking about them too. The quarter acre illustration is down sizable to whatever size your backyard is. Of course, you will not be able to be self-sufficient on 200 square feet, but you can surely use them to their full potential with our program.

You don’t need money either

For the last 40 years we’ve been living the old ways of our grandparents, but without sacrificing any of the modern comforts of today. We’re out in the boonies, but we have internet access, satellite TV, modern composting toilet, a sewer system, and … we are NOT rich… so we did this with very little money.

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge

The Author, Ron, was a city folk, born and raised in Philadelphia. He hope he don’t burst your bubble but he is nothing special, He have no great powers, super strength, superior intellect or amazing qualities. As long as you have the desire, you do not need any special skills or knowledge. He will provide that. You will learn as you go.

What People Are Saying About The Self-Sufficient Backyard Book

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This book contains important information for our future survival

“This book contains critically important information for our individual and collective futures. I commend the authors for their commitment and spirit of re-pioneering how to live on the land sustainably and self-sufficiently.

I'm glad to have this book as a reference for the future.

I also want to note that my experience with the seller/publisher was exemplary when I contacted them to resolve an issue I had with the product. The seller quickly and diligently, and thoughtfully, got back to me and offered very reasonable alternatives. I chose one and the issue is completely resolved.

Five stars for superlative customer service.”

Alan Zulch

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The garden sketch alone is worth it

“This book has so much useful information. We aren't planning on building our own house, being off grid or even entirely self sufficient, but we've always wanted to be able to grow a large percentage of our own food, and this reaches you how to do it in a small space without breaking your back. I've gone from feeling overwhelmed to super excited.”

Lauren LaCorte

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fool of good ideas

“Full of all sorts of good ideas and illustrated anecdotes. Gives good suggestions for people who live on less than a quarter acre, as well as those with larger holdings.”

Claudia R Bosworth

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Works

“Amazing book that provides detailed information for self sustainability. Have been using many of the outlined techniques in book in our garden and around our home. Happy with out come.”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 40 years of experience

“If you are wanting to get into homesteading, this is the book for you. Self-Sufficient Backyard explains everything from building your site to planning yor greenhouse and off-grid systems. This is 40 years of experience that wrote this book. Fantastic”

Carol Sue Lawson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Happy I bought this book

“This is a wonderful book filled with proven suggestions and creative ideas. There are pictures and helpful diagrams, and information that can help you for years to come. I'm happy I bought this book the writing style is well done and I enjoy reading it and rereading it!”

Rebecca Polius

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am THRILLED!!!

“My book arrived a few of days ago (much faster than I'd anticipated - thank you) and I am THRILLED!!! Even after skimming just the first 20-25 pages or so I could already see that there were a number of serious mistakes that I was about to make in the process of choosing and purchasing my land. Reading this book has prevented that. This book is the real deal.I was a little disappointed when I pulled my book out of the package; it seemed as though it was on the short side. But then I realized two things. First, it is a full-sized book with regular-sized print and, second, Ron and Johanna get right to the point.

They don't waste time with frivolous details. The result is a book that is just PACKED with essential, first-person detailed instructions and warning that I know will prove to be invaluable. To me, the most valuable aspect of the book is that over 40 years, Ron and Johanna have tried and tested many methods for doing everything including choosing the location for their homestead, setting up their access to water and energy, growing and storing food, designing their dwelling, managing compost, and much more.

They have shared the results of their experiences and the pros and cons of each method so that readers can make well-informed choices about what methods to try.While it isn’t the point of the book to go into minute detail about each thing, the authors cover a comprehensive range of topics and include enough information about each one so that readers know what to conduct further research about and how to ask truly intelligent questions.Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book. I am sure that I will be eternally grateful.”

Helen Thabile

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An excellent resource for your library

“My review of your book, in 5 of my gardening/preper groups .... I posted this on May 23rd and a lot of people asked for a review, so here it goes.... This is a well written book with a lot of helpful information for a broad scope of homesteaders; from the novice (like myself) to the very advanced.

Much like the advertising promises, no matter where you live; the size of your plot; your goals as an independent homesteader; there is more than enough to learn and begin implementing! Everything is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, with pros and cons, and alternate suggestions adaptable to most situations.

Finally, when you have questions or would like additional information, there is a FB page that the authors will further guide you to success! All-in-all.... an excellent resource for your library, IMHO!! ❤”

Jennifer Weiss Jones

The Self Sufficient Backyard book
Self sufficient Backyard buy

Final Verdict

"The Self-Sufficient Backyard" is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide that empowers individuals to lead self-sufficient, sustainable lives. Written by a team of seasoned professionals, this step-by-step manual covers a wide range of topics crucial for achieving independence, including water management, food preservation, off-grid power solutions, medicinal gardens, and much more. With over 40 years of off-the-grid living experience, the authors, Ron and Johanna, share their wealth of knowledge to help readers create their own self-sustaining oasis.

Certainly, let's delve deeper into the reasons why "The Self-Sufficient Backyard" is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a self-sufficient lifestyle:

1. Practical Guidance with Real-World Application:

Unlike many theoretical guides, this book provides actionable, practical advice that you can implement in your daily life. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that readers can make tangible changes to their lifestyles.

2. Step-by-Step Approach for Beginners:

The step-by-step format is particularly beneficial for beginners. It eliminates the overwhelm of trying to embrace self-sufficiency all at once. Readers can start with manageable projects and gradually build their skills and knowledge.

3. Comprehensive Coverage:

The book covers a wide array of topics related to self-sufficiency. It serves as a one-stop resource for everything from setting up a productive garden to harnessing off-grid power, making it a valuable reference for various aspects of a self-sufficient lifestyle.

4. Proven Expertise:

Ron and Johanna's extensive experience of over 40 years in off-the-grid living lends credibility to their advice. Readers can trust that the methods and strategies presented in the book have been tried, tested, and refined over decades.

5. Adaptability to Different Situations:

One of the strengths of this guide is its adaptability. It offers solutions that can be tailored to different property sizes, whether you have acres of land or just a small urban backyard. The flexibility allows readers to apply the principles regardless of their specific circumstances.

6. Profit Potential:

"The Self-Sufficient Backyard" not only helps you achieve self-sufficiency but also explores how you can turn your efforts into a profitable venture. This aspect is particularly appealing, as it demonstrates how self-sufficiency can be financially rewarding.

7. Medicinal Garden Expertise:

Inclusion of a section on medicinal gardens is a significant bonus. It empowers readers to explore natural remedies for health and well-being, aligning with the growing interest in herbal medicine and holistic wellness.

8. Language Accessibility:

The book is presented in the English language, ensuring that it reaches a wide and diverse audience, making the information accessible to a global readership.

9. Sustainability Focus:

In today's world, sustainability is a pressing concern. Embracing self-sufficiency is not just about personal autonomy; it's also about reducing your environmental footprint. By relying on your resources and minimizing waste, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

10. Empowerment:

Ultimately, "The Self-Sufficient Backyard" empowers individuals and families to take control of their lives. It's a guide that encourages self-reliance, resilience, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. It's about enhancing your quality of life and ensuring you're better equipped to care for your loved ones.

In conclusion, this book is a comprehensive, practical, and adaptable resource for those interested in self-sufficiency. With its real-world advice, wealth of experience, and flexibility to suit various situations, it's a valuable tool for anyone looking to lead a more independent and sustainable lifestyle.

The self sufficient backyard
Self sufficient backyard

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